Terms & Conditions Reservations

Office hours and telephone numbers:

Monday to Friday and Public Holidays = 8 am till 10 pm
Saturday, Sunday  = 9 am till 10 pm
Office phone number: (+ 55-21) 2295 4999 and (+ 55-21) 2295 5914
Outside of our office hours we are reachable via our 24-hour emergency hotline, (+ 55-21) 9 9122 1852 , (+55 21) 9 9902-1852.


For a valid reservation, we need the following information from our customers:

Identity card or passport number
Email Address
Check-in time / flight number (if travel is by plane)
Check-out time
Name (s) of occupants

Payment forms, reservations, remaining rent and security deposit

For a booking of our property we require a booking deposit of 50% of the rental price.

Accepted forms of payment: Bank transfer to our German or Brazilian Bank, Western Union, credit card payment (RESERVATION DEPOSIT ONLY!) and cash-payment in our agency. In order to be able to allocate your payment, we always require a transfer confirmation via email.

Your reservation is valid, once our booking department has sent you a reservation confirmation.

The payment of the rental balance and the security deposit must be made in cash upon check-in. This payment is an indispensable requirement to the signing of the rental contract and the handover of the keys. We do not accept checks and credit cards. If the customer does not want to pay the rental balance in cash, the possibility of an electric transaction or credit card payment on your reservation page on website exists. This transaction must be made at least 7 days before prior to the date the tenant wants to move in.

The security deposit is always required in cash.

If the reserved property is not available, due to reasons beyond our control, we offer our customers the choice of an alternative at least equivalent or the full refund of all paid amounts.

The security deposit has to be paid in cash at the arrival.


Check-in time: 2 pm till 10 pm

The customer is obliged to inform us about the time of his arrival and to give us his contact number. Without this information we cannot arrange a check-in.

During our business hours we expect customers in our agency. After the customer has signed the lease, one of our employees will accompany the client to the reserved property.

Outside of our business hours the customer is obliged to call our 24/7 check-in department at least 30 minutes prior to his arrival at the property (+55-21) 9 9122 1852 or (+55 21) 9 9902-1852. After receiving the call, our employee will expect the customer at the building entrance of the reserved property.

If a customer arrives before our official check-in time at 2 pm, the luggage can be stored at our agency during office hours. 

If the apartment is available and the customer wants to have a guaranteed possibility of an early check-in, a move-in between 6 am and 2 pm can be arranged for a fee of 50% of the daily rent. This fee must be paid in advance.

For check-ins between 10 pm und 6 am the previous day's rent has to be paid.


Check-out time = 6 to 11 am

An employee of Agencia Heidelberg will meet the client in his apartment (time will be arranged in the contract), in order to examine the property, receive the keys and return the security deposit in exchange.

After checking-out the customer can store his luggage in our agency during office hours. .

If the apartment is available and the client wishes to leave the apartment between 11am and 10pm, we require a late check-out fee of 50% of the daily rent. This fee has to be paid in advance. .

For check-outs between 10 pm and 6 am we charge the previous day's rent.

If the customer does not leave the apartment within 30 minutes after the pre-established contract time, we require a fine of 50 BRL, as long as the check-out still takes place before 11 am. After 11 am a full days rent will be charged.

Reservation / rental cancellations and changes of booking dates/times

  • Full refund 42 days before check in (50% of reservation value) *
  • Within 42 days there is no refund of the amount paid (50% of the reservation value)
  • If you want to change you will pay a 20% fee (on the amount paid)
  • Change of dates must be requested up to 48 hours before to scheduled check-in time **
  • Credit (remaining 30%) must be used within 1 year from the day of cancellation ***
  • * Note: Events like: New Year's Eve, Carnival, Easter, and holidays are not subject to refunds.
  • ** Note: Within 48 hours before to check-in it will not be possible to request change of dates
  • *** Note: Apartments subject to limited availability.

Agencia Heidelberg has the right to terminate the contract of tenancy immediately without any refund, if one of the following cases should occur: Total number of occupants exceeds the maximum defined on our website, disturbance of the peace and/or infringement of the building regulations, organization of parties, use of illegal drugs, pets (without our written permission), unpaid rent or security deposit.

If the reserved property has an internet connection or cable TV, Agencia Heidelberg assumes no responsibility for connection problems or any resulting inconvenience. This service is offered by telecommunication companies beyond our control. In case of problems and disturbances, there will be no refund of rental payments.

Responsibilities and obligations of our tenants

The tenant assumes full responsibility for the property he has rented as well as any items which belong to the building. The same holds true for housemates and visitors.

The client and all apartment occupants and visitors must comply with the building regulations and house rules. Fines imposed by the building administration for the infringement of these regulations must be paid by the tenant immediately. Additionally they can lead to a premature termination of the rental agreement without any refund.

Visitors-policy in our properties: There are buildings which do not allow the entry of visitors. Please notify us before booking if visitors are expected, so we can provide a suitable apartment.

Rentals based on a monthly price do not include the consumption of electricity and gas. Any usage thereof is at the expense of the client and must either be paid when checking-out or in case of rental periods exceeding 20 days after each month.


Place of jurisdiction is the forum of the State of Rio de Janeiro