Among Rio’s accommodation providers we are known for our professionalism. But let’s talk specifics:

Marketing in the largest holiday accommodation portals in the world

Using numerous collaborations with well-known property portals in the world, we provide a large demand and high capacity utilization.

We take full responsibility for your inventory

As your trusted property manager, Agencia Heidelberg accepts complete liability, in case one of our customers should damage your inventory.

Free cleaning and maintenance

Our vacation rental management service includes free cleaning of the property after the tenant has checked out, as well as the provision and cleaning of used and needed linen and towels. In addition we employ a qualified team of skilled craftsmen, which can fix any non-extraordinary damage if need be. You will not be charged for labor services of this kind.

Free management of your property

You do not live in Rio or you have no time or desire to handle the management of your property? By simply consigning these tasks to us, you may rest assured. Our free administrative service will take care of everyday business und make sure that incoming bills are paid on time.

Free analysis and advice to optimize profitability

How should a holiday apartment be equipped? Is there anything I need to consider before renovating? How can the profitability of my investment be optimized? Concerning these and all other matters related to the temporary rental of your property, we gladly offer you our free of charge and non-binding professional advice.


Since our entry into the property market of Rio de Janeiro in 2004 we have accumulated a large portfolio of clients, many of them working for well-known international companies. For you as a homeowner, this directly connotes two signifcant monetary advantages:

o The utilization rate of your home increases.
o You can safely assume that the tenant will treat your property with care.

24/7 detailed inspection upon check-in and check-out

No matter at what time one of our customers wants to check out, there will always be one of our staff members present to take a carefully logged inventory survey.

Online reservation system in real-time availability and credit card payment

We are one of the few agencies, who offer our properties in real-time availability. This means that from then on reservation deposits can be paid by credit card, which first of all leads to more comfort for the client and subsequently to a higher utilization of your property.

Homeowners’ portal

As of January 2015, we offer our landlords the advantages of the so-called “homeowners’ portal”, which can be found on our website. Using this application you cannot only check your account balance whenever you feel like it, you can also view all existing reservations for your apartment(s). block out any further rentals for a specific period of time, for example if you are planning on using the property yourself and apply for a discount for vacant periods, which raises the chance to fill up these days.