Why renting an apartment is the best travel option for you?


Rio is not cheap. The local hotels in particular, seem to enjoy it dearly to make you pay for the beauty of their surroundings. When it comes to hotels, Rio is definitely playing major league, right next to Paris and New York for example. An apartment for two people however, is an average of 35% cheaper than a comparable hotel room. For larger groups, the difference in prices is even more significant. In addition, the fully equipped kitchens of our apartments naturally present themselves as affordable alternatives to expensive restaurants. Conclusion: Less is more ... especially when it comes to paying rent!


An apartment offers much more space and way better equipment than comparable hotel rooms. Much of the real estate offered by us has a lounge area where you can relax by yourself, but just as well welcome visitors. Here you don’t have to break into sweat, because of the idea that someone might have to sit on your bed or the floor for hours, simply due to a lack of space. Conclusion: Especially if you plan to stay a bit longer, you can easily turn an apartment into your "home away from home". It’s the way to go, no doubt!

Live like a local

You want to get to know the country and its people as closely as possible and experience the unique lifestyle of the Cariocas? Guess what? Maybe you should start by quitting hanging around your hotel bar or lobby all day! Aren’t they both purposely designed to look exactly the same all over the world anyway? Conclusion: If you want to get in touch with the local lifestyle, there is no way around leaving the artificial surrounding of your hotel and renting an apartment instead!


Anyone who has ever spent a holiday in a hotel knows the procedure: Breakfast until 10 am, cleaning between midday and 2 pm, dinner served between 7 and 9 pm. This schedule can easily collide with your plans for the day or you might not even like the food but feel obliged to slug it down anyway, because it is already paid for. Needless to say that nonpaying visitors or alcohol, to mention only two pretty common examples, are either not welcome or even forbidden. Obviously there are people, who just seem not to be bothered by all these regulations. However, if you want to be flexible and independent, an apartment is very likely the more compelling choice. You can get up, eat and cook whenever you feel like it. Visitors? Please, what are you waiting for? Everybody come in! Conclusion: If you do not want to constantly watch out to not accidentally brake any "house rules" and you don’t somehow seriously enjoy having time constraints and small windows of opportunity for all your exciting activities, there is quite a fair chance a hotel might just not turn out to be the ideal place for you…