Agencia Heidelberg is an innovative tourism and real estate agency, which has been successfully operating in Rio de Janeiro since 2004.

Agencia Heidelberg is an innovative tourism and real estate agency, which has been successfully operating as a licensed real estate broker (CRECI RJ-005 442/0) in Rio de Janeiro since 2004. Our company’s main business is the provision of our services in leasing, management and sale of real estate in the South Zone (Zona Sul) of our wonderful city. However, over the years we have steadily branched out and nowadays additionally also offer our services in investment consulting and the organization and realization of tourist excursions to various attractions.

Since its foundation, the headquarters of our agency have always been located on Avenida Princesa Isabel - right in the heart of the world famous Copacabana district!


2001 The business relationship Germany - Brazil materializes. Sven dos Santos, still living in Heidelberg at this point of time, makes it his business to supervise and maintain the private real estate and umpiring website of the Brazilian Jürgen Rack.

2004 Sven dos Santos and Jürgen Rack join forces and thereby bring Heidelberg Agencia de Turismo e Servicos LTDA Especializados into life. During the early days its core business consists of renting out own apartments and a supplementary organization of tourism activities.

2005 Sven dos Santos takes over Jürgen Rack’s shares in the agency and hence becomes its sole owner.

2006 Sees the foundation of a second company, Heidelberg Empreendimentos Imobiliários LTDA. This turns the agency’s focus and business mainly towards the management and renting of apartments.

2009 The Brazilian native Mozart Alves who started as a manager, became a partner. The company’s field of activity once again gets extended and henceforth includes investment consulting and sale of real estate.

2013 Agencia Heidelberg by now already takes care of over 150 apartments in the Zona Sul of Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, practically all signs point towards an even brighter future with yet further rising numbers

Corporate Philosophy

Looking back, the story of our success started with a pretty obvious observation: For a very large majority of travelers the product “holiday apartment” is by far the most convenient option in terms of accommodation.

Taking this observation as start-off, our business plan has always been simple:

Respecting our customers diverging needs and means, we provide all of them with their respective maximum of comfort, safety and service. By ensuring the high quality of our rentals and offering an outstanding overall-service, we fulfill our part in making their stay a most memorable experience. We make sure they get value for money!

This understanding of Agencia Heidelberg’s aim has always been supported by our day-to-day modus operandi, our from every point of view transparent and professional way of work.

Considering the development of our company up to this point, there is only one logical goal to aim for in the future: We want to become Rio de Janeiro’s market leader and shape the city according to our visions.

Our first step on this long road ahead must be, to make our investors and landlords understand, that we offer a product much superior to their traditional tenancy agreements of usually twelve or thirty months. As a matter of fact our product not only is safer, it is simultaneously more flexible and on the back of this economically much more profitable as well..

By offering our experience and expertise to potential investors, we diligently show them the risks and opportunities of their investment and thereby ground our future co-operation in a foundation of mutual trust and respect – the corner stones of all our prospective common business activities and successes.