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Skydiving in Rio de Janeiro

Skydiving in Rio de Janeiro

If you are a true adventurer – you have to include a skydive jump in your travel itinerary for Rio de Janeiro.

The jump is about 45 seconds of pure adrenaline in a free fall, with additional 6 minutes gliding with the parachute open. In case you already have skydived before, surely by now you would want to repeat this great feeling, and if you have never dared a jump this is your opportunity to experience this great rush of adrenaline and freedom.

If you a adventurous and want unique experience, don´t skip this trip while you´re in Rio.

The following locations have skydive - schools:

Paraquedismo Rio de Janeiro

Rua Cel Prof. Joffre Coelho Chagas, S / N - Resende - RJ

Skydive Rio

Aeroporto de Resende - Estrada do Aeroporto, s / n - Resende - RJ